Java blogs for experienced programmers


Official Blogs

  1. Oracle Blogs | The Java Source – This is official blog from Oracle itself.
  2. Java | Oracle Community – This is another Oracle site for Java community
  3. – Undoubtedly this is the most popular and must read forums for the Java programmers. This forums is very good for the community interaction and Java certification preparation.
  4. The Spring Blog – This is the official Spring blog for any product updates. If you want to know about the latest information on Spring framework, please refer this official blog.
  5. In Relation To – This is the official blog for Hibernate framework. You can see blogs from Hibernate founder Gavin King and others in this space.
  6. – This is the official blog for one of the leading Java Server Faces (JSF) framework prime faces. You will find any updates related to prime faces in this blog

Most Popular Blogs with Multiple Topics

  1. Java Programming, Learn Java Online with the Java Code Geeks – This site is not just a blog, complete articles and guidance for Java developers. This is the most popular website for Java developers.
  2. DZone Java – DZOne link for Java technology
  3. Java – InfoQ has quite good amount of interviews, webinars, tutorials for Java technology.

Most Popular Individual Blogs

  1. Javarevisited – Javin Paul is one of the most popular Java blogger in the world. Though he is not managing his own domain for his blogs, he is known for his exhaustive list of tutorials and large collection on Java articles. He covers almost every topics in Java. He also writes in other blogs which are focused on specific topics. His another blog is Java67
  2. Java Deep – Perter Verhas writes only about Java in his blog. He has recently published a new book Java 9 By Example. In his blog lot of excellent posts on Java and especially on Java 9.
  3. InsightfulLogic – Richard is a trainer and speaker on Java technology. He is also an Author of Java 8 Lambdas book. His blog is very useful with lots of Java tutorials.
  4. Java web development tutorials – MK Yong is one of the most popular Java blog for code examples. He writes a lot with great example codes.
  5. Java, Spring and Web Development tutorials – Eugen blogs about Spring projects. He is one of the team member in Spring community and he writes excellent post on spring concepts. He is expert on REST and Spring security concepts.
  6. Petri Kainulainen – Patrik writes lot about Testing and Spring data in his blog. He is one of the team member in Spring projects and he leads the Spring data development.
  7. Vlad Mihalcea’s Blog – This is Vlad’s blog. He writes about JPA concepts.
  8. Thoughts on Java – – Thorben Janssen writes more about Hibernate and JPA in his blog.
  9. JournalDev – Java, Java EE, Android, Web Development Tutorials – Panakag writes in Journal Dev. He is one of the popular blogger for Java technology. His tutorials are very detailed and useful for the developers.
  10. Howtodoinjava – I love reading best practices tutorials from Lokesh on HowToDOInJava. His site design is awesome and he writes very interesting articles in his blog. I would recommend this blog for every one to bookmark and read Java concepts.
  11. – Arun is one of the popular blogger in Oracle who writes mainly on Java EE and NetBeans.
  12. Welcome to – It is one of old and popular blog for Java.
  13. – Share The Knowledge – This is very good website for Technology.
  14. Java Tutorials – Vogella is most popular for his in-depth explanation for each concepts.
  15. The BalusC Code – Balusc is expert on JSF concepts. He is also member of some of JSR team (I think JSF 2.0) and also he is one of the founder for popular curation website
  16. Java Tutorial Blog – Joe wriets simple and easy to understand Java concepts in his blog. I like his simle blog design without any ads, etc.
  17. Java tutorial for beginners – Arpit writes about Java concepts in his blog. He is one of the popular Java blogger from India.
  18. CodeJava – Coding Your Passion – Nam blogs about Java here. I like his newsletters which drop into my mail box with some fancy subject lines. He knows how to teach things and help Java developers.
  19. Bozho’s tech blog – Tips and thoughts on developing software, by Bozhidar Bozhanov – This blog also good.
  20. – Good blog for Java.
  21. Spring Framework Guru – Good blog for learning Spring Framework
  22. – Viral Patel is Java blogger who writes on various topic.
  23. – This is one of the best site for learning Spring and Spring Boot tutorials.
  24. – Antonio Goncalves writes lot about Java EE and other Java technologies. He is a former employee of BEA systems and have extensive experience on Java technologies. He has written book on Java EE 7. He is from France.
  25. Billy Yarosh – Lot of good tips for the Java programming.
  26. Java EE Support Patterns – Another good blog with tons of information on Java.
  27. Learn concepts in Java, J2EE and its related technologies with ease – Uday writes about Java / Java EE concepts in his blog.
  28. Tutorial web development (with JSF) – Michael’s Blog talks mostly about Java and Java EE, Java Server Faces. He has written a book about Web Development with Java… by Michael Müller [PDF/iPad/Kindle].
  29. Blog – Sebastian Daschner – A good Java EE blog. Read his one of the interesting blog Why I’m using Java EE.
  30. – Dinesh is a Experienced Java Developer, Consultant and Blogger. he writes about Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring Security, REST API, Microservices, AOP, Struts, Hibernate, Lucene/Solr, Web Services, Spring Batch, MongoDB, etc. in his blog.
  31. :This blog is a Java-focussed blog publishing in areas of Java, J2EE & Design. Run by a Java technical architect, it has an extensive range of tutorials covering the new Java 8 features, Core Java, Gang Of Four Design Patterns, and SOLID Design Principles among others areas. This blog is written and maintained by Java architect Dhruv Rai Puri.
  32. Techie Journals – Krishna Srinivasan’s blog about Spring framework, Java, etc.
  33. – This blog is maintained by the group of Java developer. This blog has lot of useful tutorials on Java technologies.
  34. Reza Rahman: Reza Rahman’s Java Blog
  35. Geertjan’s Blog – The focus of this blog is mostly on NetBeans (a development tool primarily for Java programmers)
  36. FromDev
  37. Takipi Blog
  38. – David talks more about Spring framework in his blog.
  39. – Amit Sharma maintains this blog only for writing about Spring Framework related topics.
  41. EclipseSource Blog
  42. Planet NetBeans
  43. – Another Java blog

Java Certification Related Blogs

  1. – Whizlabs is one of the leading Java certification simulator provider. In this blog they write about Java certification and tips for preparing for all the certifications. This blog will be very useful.
  2. – She is author for Java certification books and moderator at She mostly blogs about Java certification and related topics. This blog will be very useful if you are interested in learning about Java certification exams.

Curated Links

  1. JSF
  2. Java 8
  3. Java EE 8

I will keep adding new blogs to this list. If you want to add popular blogs which are missing in the list, please send me a message.